JOHN COCO, ESQ of the Law Offices of John Coco, PLLC, recently won $250,000 for a woman who was stopped in traffic when the defendant, a driver who was on drugs, violently collided with her car pushing it into the car in front of hers. The defendant then fled the scene of the crash, but was followed by a Good Samaritan who called the Police. The defendant was arrested and determined to be under the influence of drugs at the time he caused the crash.

The plaintiff suffered shoulder and back injuries from the heavy impact of the collision. She underwent months of physical therapy and eventually a shoulder surgery to repair a tear. She will never fully recover from her injuries, as she suffered a permanent loss of range of motion in both her shoulders and back.

The Law Offices of John Coco commenced a lawsuit on the injured woman’s behalf, which began a complex litigation that spanned the Supreme Court of New York in two counties as well as Surrogate’s Court in Suffolk County. During the course of litigation Mr. Coco was able to prove that the defendant was 100% liable for the crash, which was a major turning point in the case.

The insurance company’s attorneys aggressively defended the case despite the fact that their client was on drugs when he caused the crash, and despite the fact that a Judge had already found that their client was 100% liable. The defense attorney for the insurance company insisted that the case was only worth “about $20,000”. Mr. Coco knew that the serious injuries sustained by the plaintiff warranted much higher compensation and persevered until the insurance carrier eventually paid the $250,000 while awaiting trial. $250,000 was the total available insurance in this case.