I was recommended to John Coco by a friend after I sustained injuries from being involved in an automobile accident. When I first called John, he picked up the phone right away and walked me through the legal process and necessary steps to take. I did not know a reliable body shop to get my car fixed and John helped me find a convenient local shop. He did all of this before I even hired him.

Needless to say, I was impressed at his level of service after speaking with him over the phone for the first time. Once I met with John, I decided to immediately hire him as my attorney. I liked that his firm specializes in personal injury law and that they keep a small case load of serious injury cases only. I also liked that he would personally handle my case, rather than my case being pawned off on someone else like some big law firms do.

The legal process can be a long grueling one. There are definitely times when you become extremely frustrated with the legal process, the games the defense attorneys and insurance companies play, and the amount of time it takes. However, John is there with you every step along the way. He fights for you and is extremely passionate about getting you what you deserve. He informs you of what is going on every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, he answers your phone calls, texts, and emails immediately. John made it a point to work very closely with me and consulted with me when it came to decisions that had to be made in my case. Despite the process being a tough one, knowing I had an attorney that was responsive and helpful helped put me at ease and ultimately led to a great result in my case.