In an Auto Accident? Dealing With Your Insurance Company After an Accident

Rarely a day goes by without seeing an auto accident on the side of the road. If you are in an auto accident you obviously want to exercise your rights to the fullest. However, when dealing with your insurance company you may question if they are working for you or for themselves.

Insurance companies are businesses that need to be profitable. Therefore, they will seek to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim. Your insurance company will undoubtedly keep records of your conversations with them. The information you tell them can later be used against you to deny or pay less on your claim.

When dealing with your insurance company remember these easy tips to help protect your rights.

1 – Be Truthful

Always be honest with your insurance company regarding the details of your accident. Be truthful, but don’t downplay your injuries or conclude that certain injuries are unrelated to the accident and will just go away.

2 – Be Thorough

When speaking with your insurance company describe your injuries from the head down. Begin with head or face injuries and then your neck, shoulders, and all the way down to your feet. This ensures that you won’t miss anything.

Again, don’t disregard minor pain. It’s common for injuries to manifest days after an accident. You won’t be penalized if you mention an injury that subsequently subsides.

3 – Do Not Post Details on Social Media!

Please, do not post any details about your accident on social media. Even if your profiles are private, do not post. You may think you are just letting friends know you’re OK but a seemingly innocuous post can later hurt your case.

4 – Call An Attorney

Most attorneys will provide a free consultation for a personal injury. It doesn’t hurt to call and get an attorney’s opinion. Also, an experienced attorney can advise you of any possible deadlines you must meet in order to bring a case.

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